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Your Coach - Neal Perry

Currently the Woman's and Men's track and field coach at Westhill High School, I have a passion for helping athletes excel in all facets of life. I've worked with special needs, numerous county, district, state and regional  qualifiers, finalists and record holders. Also, four national qualifiers and one All-American finalist. I've had the pleasure to assist in coaching at several premier summer camps in the region including the Hudson Valley Flying Circus and Skyjumpers Pole Vault Clubs and have also coached for Runner's Acadamy for all levels from youth to masters. I am an ASTM member for Pole Vault regarding safety collar and soft box technology and currently teach Biology, Aquaculture, Marine Biology and Environmental Science at Westhill High School. Please feel free to contact me at



Your Coach - Robert Rakich

I fell in love with pole vaulting at a very young age when I found a discarded pole at my school and starting trying to jump anywhere I could with it. Years later in high school I decided to give it a real try and within two years my high school’s record of 13’9” had been achieved. On my way to college, I had big dreams of big vaults. However, I realized quickley that I was basically alone in this event without the needed instruction necessary for success. I was fortunate enough to attend one camp, but in pole vaulting that simply is not enough. After four years of enjoyable participation on the track team and with some improvement, I hung up my spikes and went on to my career in the financial world. Several decades past by when a call for help came from a mother at our local high school asking for some coaching. I engaged, gave my time and enjoyed every minute. Pole vaulting is a joy and exhilarating, but it's also a complicated process of many moving parts that takes time, care and coaching. If successful, you know that it’s not just raw talent, it is technique, repetition, timing and discipline. Every piece of learning the movements, committing to the work and putting it all together is formative in life for all those that are daring enough to try. I want to offer access and coaching that I never really had so many can enjoy the unforgettable experience of pole vaulting. Please feel free to contact me at

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